Digitally surfaced lenses deserve to be finished through Digital Imaging.

Noah's Arc™ is a patented "Ophthalmic Lens Scanner" that can help your account's offices measure the circumference of ophthalmic lenses to an accuracy that is unmatched by any manual or mechanical device.

Using Noah's Arc™, the laboratory’s aversion to fabricate a “lens only Rx” can now be set aside, and the costly and time consuming “frame to follow” issue for laboratories can be significantly reduced. Learn more about how Noah's Arc™ can better your business, or order now...

Richard PalmerWith over 30 years of optical laboratory and industry-wide experience, Practical Engineering provides hands-on experience coupled with modern process engineering knowledge to assist you in unlocking the hidden potentials for profit enhancement and operating cost reduction within your organization.

Meeting the growing and ever-increasingly stringent market demands prevalent within the ophthalmic lens production industry calls for techniques and methodologies that match the escalating sophistication of our lenses and the machine tools on which they are produced.

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